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Year 12 Day 329 13:42
I'm in this shipyard:

Shipyard I Orb SY 1.1

And I can't find out who the owner is, I'm getting a pick up but don't know my location, can anyone help ?

Year 12 Day 329 15:14
I'll see what I can do for you.


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Year 12 Day 329 17:06
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka
Min! You disappeared for a long time mate, but you're not that new!


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Year 12 Day 329 17:33
As with all these things, its an IC issue that you need to use IC methods to fix. Post in the Traders Lounge and see if anyone knows. Alternatively, since you are in a station, you could try searching the systems on the galaxy map and hope the station you are in is not in deep space.


Year 12 Day 330 1:20
Ellias, there used to be a "contact owner" button in the room travel interface, however that button seems to be missing since the update to room travel 2.0 ... it's only fair if contact to the owner can be made with ASim-help until the button is back.

Year 12 Day 330 3:34
Oh I know that - I always told people the owner of the entity they were stuck in if they asked while I was ASim.


Year 12 Day 331 15:58
I managed to find where I am and everything, don't worry cheers for the help though and Shuji yeah I have been gone a while but I'm back now :) ....... Forgotten some of the functions though, oh well I'll figure it all out with time