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Year 12 Day 331 8:22
Alexander von Ismay
Alexander von Ismay
So, I've read the rules.
Let me see if I understand them fully. Because... I see some conflicts.

A Multi-Sensor Pack is only good inside a facility/vehicle/station/ship?
Then why does everyone say to use them when hunting.

A Biological Sensor only works outside, on living things.

An Energy Sensor only works outside, on a non-living thing.

Or... do they all perform the same, just some more powerful?
Whats their ranges?


Year 12 Day 331 9:08
Ben Camden
Ben Camden
They all allow the sharing of sensors/perception. That's the use for hunting, I believe.


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Year 12 Day 331 11:02
First, let me apologize for the confusion. I wrote the new descriptions and if they're confusing and misleading then I've failed in my work. I've updated the MSP for right now, and will look at the others later. The descriptions won't be show until the next sync but I'll include them in this post for the interim.

The Multiple Sensor Pack (MSP) is the next evolution in portable sensor technologies. It has succeeded the Energy and Biological Sensor Packs, which have both been combined into the MSP. As a result the MSP is capable of a focused scan which will provide biological and non-biological information based within the target of the scan. In addition, an individual equipped with an MSP is capable of sharing sensor information with other individuals who are also equipped with an MSP or who are piloting an entity with a mounted sensor suite such as those found on starships.

With capabilities that can be widely employed, it comes as no surprise that the MSP is a very practical and commonly used instrument across the galaxy.

- Multiple Sensor Pack

Year 12 Day 331 12:09
Alexander von Ismay
Alexander von Ismay
I was going off the rules, Elijah, not your desc:

4.1/ Focus Scan
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If you are inside a ship, vehicle, facility, space station or outside and equipped with a Multiple Sensor Pack item then you can initiate a focus scan on any entity in range. If you are outside and equipped with a Energy Sensor Pack then you can only initiate a focus scan on ships, vehicles, facilities, or droids. Similarly, if you are outside and equipped with a Biological Sensor Pack then you can only initiate a focus scan on biological entities (characters, NPCs, and creatures).

This scan will provide you more detailed information about that entity like weaponry, sensors, ECM and so on. If your sensors are higher that the target's ECM, then you will also see the materials and number of passengers, ships and vehicles onboard the target. Multiple Sensor Pack, Energy Sensor Pack, and Biological Sensor Packare considered to have a sensor power of 1. 

See my confusion? :/

But thanks for clearing it up :D

Year 12 Day 331 13:22
There is no focus scan, I think it was said somewhere else they all do pretty much the same thing for now, let you share sensors with NPCs (PCs too I guess) that have them equiped if you have one too.


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Year 12 Day 331 15:38
Focus scanning has been removed. Bio sensor packs let you see passenger info, iirc, and energy packs let you see shield and ionic info. Assuming focus scanning ever comes back.

Year 12 Day 331 17:42
They were used for scanning docked entities to see what was in them, as you couldn't otherwise scan they without kicking them out of your entity. The rules pages reflect that, but recent changes allow sensor sharing.