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Year 12 Day 335 16:07
How do i and is it even possible too


Hunters have this pattern of becoming hunted.
Year 12 Day 335 16:09
Lucrehulk are restricted tech, meaning that only the Trade Federation own and produce them for faction use, and do not release it for the public.

There is a lucrehulk wreck who often appears on the market, you should try to look for it... unless you are able to become highly ranked in the TF, it is the only way for you to get this baby.

Year 12 Day 335 17:34
Whats with the guest post?

Anyway highly unlikely. Its extremely restricted tech, and even the wreck is pointless - it just looks like a lucrehulk but as far as I am aware you cannot enter it, and won't be able to repair it.

As for making them, its like pretty much any other ship, just get a big enough shipyard, materials, get the DC assigned, get some workers, make sure everything is with a ship faction, then start it while you are in the ship faction.


Year 12 Day 336 20:44
yeah, in my opinion, it need a big shipyard so it might only work with a shipyard IV

Year 12 Day 337 4:28
Chancy Mandu
Chancy Mandu
yup SY4 only, and you wont get a DC fom the TF for it. (unless you have a gov, and are a bff of the viceroy. :P

Year 12 Day 337 12:58
k guys you can close this now if ya want thats all i wanted to know


Hunters have this pattern of becoming hunted.