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Archives » Fastest way to find a planet?
Year 12 Day 337 15:22
I have been given an assignment to head to the planet Gree. These were my only instructions. Many people have instructed me to head to a particular planet, just assuming that I will find it easily, being given only the name of the planet. This makes me assume that there is some easy means of finding the exact coordinates of a planet that I should probably be aware of. What's the fastest way for me to find Gree, or any other planet?

Year 12 Day 337 15:24

Use this it is the Galaxy Map it has a search feature where you enter what you are looking for.


Year 12 Day 337 15:45
This was the obvious first guess as far as searching a planet goes, but it keeps telling me that it's an invalid name. The same thing happened the only other times I tried using it. It only successfully worked for me once. I'm not saying that it doesn't work, I'm just saying that it doesn't seem very accurate when searching planet names. But if it's the only way, then it's the only way.


Year 12 Day 337 15:55
You can also just try using the Google search box that's on all of the Rules pages. That tends to get better results.

I seem to remember there being some sort of issue with the planet/system search tool.

Year 12 Day 337 17:44
People seemed to have issue with searching by system/sector, but planet name worked fine. SO make sure you select the planet option under the text box.


Year 12 Day 337 17:51
Search>Select "Planet">Type "Gree" (it will auto-fill with suggestions after three letters)>Select "Gree">Press "Search">It will give you the various "Gree"-named planets, with "Gree" proper as the first result.

Worked fine for me.


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Year 12 Day 338 10:38
Ahhh, okay. It seems that I missed a couple things there. Thanks all! :)