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Archives » How do i make a society or clan
Year 12 Day 338 18:12
Yeah so i've seen the Nautolan society and like the Mon calamari society and i was wondering how you make these.


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Year 12 Day 338 18:22
Make a website. Encourage people to sign on with you. Do stuff together.

Actually the website's probably optional.


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Year 12 Day 338 19:33
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir
There is no official way to make one. Each of those groups are just a bunch of people of a given race who have decided to gather together.


Year 12 Day 338 21:26
It's basically an NFG (non-faction group). Players take the initiative to organize themselves around some cause they deem worthwhile. If you have something in mind and don't really know what resources might be useful or if you just want to gauge interest, you could open a post on the forums about it to discuss it with the rest of the community. The General Talk forum would probably be a good starting point. SWC has no features that support this, though, and it is solely an independent effort. But if you are looking to create a society around a specific race or homeworld, you may also want to look up the homeworld or planet on the galaxy rules to determine which faction governs it, as they may be willing to help you out a bit, depending on your plan.



Year 12 Day 339 6:17
Thats doubtful that the faction Could even help. They've turned geonosis into some Giant developed land area. Only about 3 caves are unclaimed.


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Year 12 Day 339 6:59
The caves won't be unclaimed - likely there are just hidden cities there.


Year 12 Day 339 13:06
well then i really can;t do diddly then huh.


Hunters have this pattern of becoming hunted.
Year 12 Day 339 14:19
You don't need control/space on the homeworld to make a sociey for your race. All you need is a group of active players who enjoy meeting and planning on how to help new players from your race. You are limiting yourself to what the game design offers. Expand beyond the server's box.

Year 12 Day 339 15:37
you can, example, make a topic on the commerce forum about a geonosian society, explains what you expect from it, your services for the geonosian community and your desires about, etc. it's up to you !

Year 12 Day 339 19:42
yeah i was thinking about making my store a geonosian clan and making 3 branches. The military would be called H.I.V.E The economy would be The Oddball Consortium [and any other geo owned stores] And the high ranks would be called the aristocracy.


Hunters have this pattern of becoming hunted.