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Year 12 Day 338 22:50
Robert Alexander Raybourne
Robert Alexander Raybourne
Ok, I created a character, got accepted to a faction, downloaded an IRC (mIrc), and still nothing is going on. Anybody want to help me out here, why is there no game play? Why does this take so long?

Year 12 Day 338 23:55
Most of the actual gameplay is roleplay-oriented and faction based. Your faction should have contacted you letting you know what to do next, but if they have not, be sure to check their website and sign up on their forums if they have one. You should also try to access their IRC channel (their website or faction info page should tell you where that is, if they have one).

However, SWC is a relatively slow-paced game. Travel can take days (up to weeks if your ship isn't speedy or you need to travel longer distances), and people respond on their own schedules. You may not like what your faction tries to ask of you, either, in which case you may want to continue looking around at other factions. If your faction does not respond at all, you might be better off finding one that is more active.

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