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Year 7 Day 45 5:54
Revan Corrus
Revan Corrus
I'm not sure if it is right to ask this question here, but I couldn't think of other place. I have a problem with the GM. Everytime when I try to connect to the or, it gives me an error that the site is either not typed correctly or doesn't exist ("Firefox can't find the server at"). I haven't been in the GM for 2 months and I was thinking it doesn't work. But yesterday I found that it's still working. Please, pay attention to this problem and help me solve it.

Year 7 Day 45 6:19
This isn't the right place. The GM is not an official part of the star wars combine.


Year 7 Day 45 6:39
Revan Corrus
Revan Corrus
Then I'll have to wait till the Galactic Market is implemented in Combine.

Year 7 Day 46 12:24

The GM as you have it at will never be implemented in that way into SWC. The SWC market will also have a different purpose.

Edit: was posted by Togan :)

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Year 7 Day 46 12:39

wot is the SWC market

Year 7 Day 46 21:29
1. For GM assistance you need to contact the GM admins, if they\'re around. You can check #swc-gm on IRC.

2. The \"SWC market\" currently refers to the GM (Galactic Market) and can be found at . It is basically a sort of eBay for the Combine, on which players can post their ads and traders can purchase things from them. However, it does not automatically complete the trade for you, so players still need to manually complete both sides of the transaction.

In the future a different sort of market will be implemented within the Combine, but it will not replace the GM, nor function as the GM does, but the relevant rules and information for that do not yet exist.



Year 7 Day 49 14:55
Anatoly Kachaturov
Anatoly Kachaturov
ok I had the same problem.

Its probably a user setting somewhere,but I couldn\\\'t figure it out so I switched browsers to vist the GM.

I use Mozilla to visit the GM now.No problem.With IE I could never get the site to load or,if it did,I could not login.I fiddled with all manner of settings.I even deleted all cookies but it still would not work.

Not a real fix but it works for me,so try using a different browser than the one you use for the Combine

Edited By: Anatoly Kachaturov on Year 7 Day 49 14:58