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Archives » Wonder why I can't produce ship !
Year 12 Day 339 11:06
Hey, I was just wondering, I own a powered factory, the manager is my ship's faction, and the operator is me. I do have all materials need docked in this factory + the workers are inside too. But the production doesn't start and it says:

''You requested that 6 workers produce this project but none are available. Make sure your factory/shipyard is assigned to a valid faction commander.''

in the status, it says '' 0 workers available ''. I wonder what's the problem if I have all need and the workers are there waiting to start ?

an helping hand on this will be much appreciate.


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Year 12 Day 339 11:47
Blot Hlidskjalf
Blot Hlidskjalf
be sure that they are workers (single hammer in the icon).
assigne your shipbuildig faction as manager and yourself as operator of the npc's.
deploy them in the entree of the factory and they have not be in a party.

if there are still problems, make sure that the ship isn't larger than 30m.

Year 12 Day 339 12:36
Hey, It worked ! It wasnt working only because the npcs weren't in the enter/exit room.

Year 12 Day 339 21:24
To avoid posting another topic again, I'm searching a rodian avatar that are in the choice when you start your new account in the combine. How can I find it ?

Year 12 Day 339 21:59
Usually they can be found using the Test Character Creation link from the Character screen. But right now it's broken.

You can also find them manually by looking at:

Replace the 11 with the ID of the race you want. This is the number at the end of the URL on the Race page. You can then change the m1 to m2, m3, etc, to see the different male avatars. Or f1, f2, etc will give you female avatars. When you hit a non-existent image, there are no more.


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hehe, that's awesome. Thanks!