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Year 7 Day 47 7:09

What\'s the difference?

I know a ship with a Hanger Bay can haul vehicles and RM... And a ship with a Docking bay can haul ships.

Can a ship with a Hanger Bay haul ships?

Can a ship with a Docking Bay haul vehicles and RM?

Year 7 Day 47 9:56
Right now we have the following setting:

- ships with hangar bay can haul vehicles.
- ships with docking bay can haul ships.
- ships can haul raw materials according to their weight/volume capacity
- ships can have a docking bay, hangar bay, both or neither.


Year 7 Day 50 15:06
Tai`to Kale
Tai`to Kale
What happened with making it so you could carry ships and vehicles in any of the two with the difference that hangar bays wouldn't be able to deploy ships in space?

Year 7 Day 51 16:09
That isn't the case and I don't know of anyone working on it. I was under the impression it wasn't even solidly decided on by the rules/implementation teams, but was just being tossed about in Suggestions.

Year 7 Day 51 16:24
Tai`to Kale
Tai`to Kale
oh well, i thought i had read that people were going to be able to load ships as cargo (which makes sense) did that also stay as a thought?

Year 7 Day 51 22:56
I believe the last thought on the matter was to have Cargo and Docking bays. Cargo bays being able to hold anything and to be able to transfer to and from the docking bay but not able to launch ships/vehicles. Docking bays able to hold ships and vehicles.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 52 0:59
Keir just posted something similar in the J-type thread in one of the Suggestions forums. Still haven't seen anything official on it, but I assume it'll be announced.