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Archives » Question on Spawning Creatures, Terrain Type, etc.
Q1: The Rules page at http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Creatures, under Creature_Spawning, says:

Creatures will only spawn on planets where there are no characters, vehicles, ships, or other creatures except the character and their party.

I'm guessing that should either be "planetary terrain square" or simply "terrain square," yes?

Q2: Are the spawning rates as listed on http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Planetary_Grids correct? Meaning, the Forest rate is 15%, Grassland is 12%, Jungle 10% and so on?

Q3: Is this equation for finding spawned creatures, correctly written:

Chance of finding = ( 1 + Stealth (Perception/30+0.05) ) * Terrain Creature Probability

Meaning, if a character had a Perception of 4 and a Stealth of 4, then the percentage chance of finding a spawned creature in a Forest terrain square would be:

(1 +4 (4/30 +0.05) * 15% = 1 + 4 (0.133 + 0.05) * 15% = 5.138 x 15% = 77.07%, or is it 0.7707% ?

The difference is, whether you take the total (5.138 x 15) and assign a percentage to it, or if you multiply the first half of the equation, 5.138, by 15%, which gives you the lower number.

Q4: What is this spawning equation applied to? Is it the possibility of finding one or more creature groups per entire terrain square, or of finding a group per individual section of a 20 x 20 terrain area you search in?

Much obliged!


Q1: Yes
Q2: One would have to assume
Q3: It would be multiplied in that example by .15, but that final number is a percentage in decimal form, so it's still 77%
Q4: I think it's for the creature spawning somewhere in the terrain square, seems to make the most amount of sense

Thanks, Mikel.

Two additional questions:

If a pack is encountered in that terrain square, will another be created to repopulate it? How soon? Is it possible that you have to leave the square in order to have another encounter?

FYI: There was one instance where I did encounter two different packs in the same terrain square, but that's only happened once.

And, if you lose sight of the creatures, do they stay in the terrain square? If you leave the square, say by ascending, do they still stay there?

And yeah, I know that's more than two. (:^D)


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"When all is said and done, there's nothing left to say or do."

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I have seen multiple times more than one or 2 'squads' of creatures roaming the same terrain square (ie the 22x22 area).

If you loose sight, they continue moving around.

If you leave, I think the idea was that they would disappear to save creatures piling up on planets, but it may not have been added, or been decided to be removed.


Roger that. Thanks, Ellias.

I can see the need to remove creatures once you leave a 22x22 square, for the very reasons you state. And since it appears that your NPCs stop following you when you're more than a square away, I could see the creatures being "retired" when you leave the square.

I'll post back here if anything unusual happens with creatures in my wanderings.



"When all is said and done, there's nothing left to say or do."

-- Darryl Dawkins