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Year 7 Day 49 13:52
Whenever I try to move in the city, I wait the required amount of ETA before I\'m there. I re-click the travel or city page, and i haven\'t moved. I just tried to move 2 and 1/2 hours worth of city space, so i leave the site. i log back in, and i haven\'t moved a single square. what is wrong?

Year 7 Day 49 14:41
Are you sure you actually click on \"Go\" after selecting your destination? After doing that, the page refreshes and shows your travel path in the top map of the city, as well as a clock counting down your ETA.


Year 7 Day 49 15:11
i wasn\'t clicking go.
you a B5 fan?

Edited By: Chuck Canon on Year 7 Day 49 15:13
Year 7 Day 50 8:51
Ok, then there's your problem.
And yes, i'm a B5 fan :)


Year 7 Day 52 12:29
well my new problem is i cant board a ship. since theres no board thing in the travel section i can assume something's wrong. and i'm pretty sure this is the ship i'm supposed to enter.

Year 7 Day 52 18:08
Is it at your position?
Are you on its crewlist or assigned as Pilot?



Year 7 Day 52 18:34
i wasn't n the crew list. but thats been fixed.