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Year 12 Day 352 3:10
Hiyo Rogo
Hiyo Rogo
Just a couple quick questions about the tractor beam.

1) I was looking around at assorted ship stats and noticed there were quite a few ships that possessed docking bays, but lacked tractor beams. This seemed quite odd. In addition, there are some ships that fall into the reverse, they have a tractor beam but lack a docking bay or even a hangar bay.

Was this intentional? If so, is there sufficient ground to propose a change to give ships that have logically should have them?

2) Why are tractor beams currently listed as displaying damage? This is not important at the moment, but I do find it mildly amusing and wondered as to the reason for it.


Year 12 Day 352 4:54
Tractor beams are only partly implemented. They are expected to have increased capabilities later on, so the lack of docking bay will not prevent their only function.

A docking bay without a tractor beam can still fulfill the normal function of docking (piloted) ships, so would not be sufficient grounds for adding a tractor bay either way.


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