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Archives » How long until donation CP's are posted?
Just wondering, on average, how long it takes Veynom to hand out the 1,000 CP's for each $ donated via paypal? Thanks!

It varies, but is often up to a week if you included your handle, and longer if you did not since he has to figure your identity out manually. Depends mostly on how often he has time to deal with this.



The donation was made on January 18th (Year 7 Day 48), moments after the website was brought back online. I've just emailed Veynom with all the paypal details... as I've yet to be credited with the CPs. And yes, the 'message' of the paypal transaction was my Combine handle.

I do know that, on occasion, CPs have been credited within 24 hrs of donation. I guess that was in instances when people just happened to donate right before Veynom did the CP distrubution eh?


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As I said, it varies greatly depending on how often he has time. RL tends to take priority, as with everyone.



Understood! Thanks!

While I did receive my CPs, I also received a message stating that if I'd included my handle directly with the $ donation, I would have received my CPs faster.

The problem is, that by using the 'Paypal' button on the 'Support Us' page of the combine, you have NO WAY to directly associate your user name to the donation! You only have the option of putting your user name in the 'message to seller' field. See this screenprint...


As you can see, the 'Payment For' line of the paypal transaction is hardcoded with "Support for the Combine".

Therefore, I suggest that either that 'Payment For' field is overwritable, so the donator can place their own handle there. ,b>OR scrap that paypal link entirely, and simply have people log into their paypal accounts, and create a payment to so that the donator can include their handle in the title of the payment.

Hmm...on my donations I've always put my handle in the "Message to Seller" box, never had a problem with it.


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Yep, that's what the Message to Seller box is there for - notices for the person you're sending to. :P

That said, any further suggestions on this topic should be sent directly to Veynom since he's the only one who deals with donations. As such, there's nothing any of us can do about it.