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Year 12 Day 359 22:58
Hello. I just joined yesterday, and was quite confused. i accidentally pressed drop character, and didn't realize what I had done. In a panic, I typed in my password when it prompted me...and soon realized that I had killed my character! As of right now, I am dead and must wait 20 days to respawn.

I created a new account because I did not know what else to do, and then realized that you cannot have multiple accounts. I am truly sorry and did not mean to do this. Please do not ban me and please forgive me. This was not intentional.

I sent a support ticket to the admins this morning and am still waiting on a response. I ask that you please delete my second account (which I have not even started on). I think the name is Meila Secura. Please delete this account and keep my original account, named Lasha Dume. I ask that you please forgive me and bring me back to life. I am so sorry.

Thank you.


Born on the harsh world of Ryloth, Lasha Dume is considered to be a beauty among her Twi'lek race. Young, bright, and hard-working, she always longed to get offworld and make something of herself. She seeks diplomacy and fair treatment for all sentients
Year 12 Day 360 7:37
Chancy Mandu
Chancy Mandu
Im no admin, but i would say since your first character has been dropped along with the support ticket would wont be banned.