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Hey all,
I'm rather new here. Played this char some time ago but only for a week or two and had a long pause since.
Now I dropped the character and will create a new one soon, and are planning to start over and play the game continually this time.

Now I have got a few questions concerning my future career path.

My idea is to play a scientist like character. And the two options i thought of is i) a geologist/archaeologist rp wise and technically i would probably have to specialise on prospecting for this kind of char
ii) a biologist/medic type of character, concentrating on medical skills

My questions now are how would I best put my skills for these two paths? And what would the gameplay for these careers look like? I mean what would I be doing most of the time and how would you rate the fun factor of each?

I would like to have good piloting skills in any way to have the option of working as a pilot.

Thanks for your help!


-Rryyq Qoloom-
-Explorer, Trader and Pilot-
You missed the most obvious scientist route - that of R&D guy.

But I would say that for the medic, med treatment and R&D medical would be the best skills. Archeologist, prospecting is a good one. Maybe some combat skills al la Indiana Jones as you should be spending time on planets surface, and may have to defend yourself from creatures in the future.

For the R&D guy, might be best to specialise into one or 2 R&D skills, though they may be changed around before R&D is released anyway.

Either way, you will have skill points that you have to spend elsewhere anyway, so you'll be able to have piloting skills even if you set space priority to 4 (second lowest).


Brassica Trefoil
Brassica Trefoil
Geologist / Archaeologist

As you mentioned, Prospecting is probably the way to go, both from a role play perspective as well as a practical use of currently-implemented skills.

If you wish to start as an expert in your field, ie: skill 5, then your race choices will include: Baragwin; Bothan; Ortolan or Siniteen, as these races have a racial skill bonus of 1 or more in Computer Operations. (Used for Prospecting.)

Baragwin, as a race, can't pilot the FK-7 Airspeeder, which may be a deciding factor. Although in a true RP sense, as a geologist, you may only be concerned with terrains that the SX-65 Groundhog can access anyway.

The Bothan and Ortolan races both have racial bonuses to Perception, which again may fit with your Geologist theme, being able to spot things that others may miss. (From a role play perspective.) Perception is one of the skills that may have further uses implemented later.

Siniteen start with a higher racial bonus to Computer Operations, and have a small advantage in weapons use.

From what I've heard (having not done it personally), Prospecting is quite a repetitive process. The XP is earned quickly however.

As for other skills, the ground vehicle skills of Vehicle Piloting and Speeder piloting may be useful.

Others may be able to add further skills that I haven't considered.

Biologist / Medic

The primary skills for this concept would be Medical Treatment and (the as yet unimplemented) R&D Medical. Unfortunately, the two skills compete for skill points, so you'll start with a high skill in one, and no (or very little) skill in the other.

To begin with a skill of 5 in either of these, your race choices are:

Medic: Bith; Ithorian; Kaminoan; Polis Massan or Selkath.

Biologist: Ithorian; Kaminoan; Polis Massan; Thyferran; Vratix.

Purely from a role play perspective, Ithorian's make the perfect Biologists. (Read about their culture on their race page.)

Kaminoans and Vratix have race restrictions on various vehicles too, although only the Vratix has restrictions on medical vessels. (Vratix can't pilot Kettrifee Air Movers (land-based ambulance) or Sprint-class Rescue Craft (freighter-class ambulance).

From a role play perspective, though certainly not crucial to the role, medics would do well to have skill in the various ambulance piloting skills. (Speeder; Freighter and Capital Ship.)

Also, Vigour might be handy, as it represents your characters immunity to illness, as well as general resistance to damage.

Since combat hasn't been implemented yet (the game is 13 years old and counting), there's not a lot for a medic or biologist to do right now. Typically, working for a medical faction is akin to working for a pharmaceutical company, and being either a drug rep. (salesperson) or a delivery driver. Or else manufacturing medical supplies. (ie: working in a factory.)

Presently, the only way for people to take damage is to leave a ship or vehicle in a hostile atmosphere. If they're 1 HP or above, they can heal themselves with their own supplies, and if they're between 0 HP and -9 HP, then a "medic" is required to place them in a Bacta Tank and heal them back to health. (-10 HP = dead, and unrevivable.)

Year 13 Day 4 2:03
As for the races/skills you suggest, I already decided to play a Gand again as I like them the most and already have a custom avatar made this time.

What you wrote about geology/archaeology sounds quite good! The only interesting, remaining question would be what faction would be good for that kind of character?
I mean a faction where I could probably get the needed equipment to actually use the skills and on the other hand a faction/group to do some scientist/researcher rp with.

My last concern is RP related. How difficult would such RP in your eyes be for a person not speaking english as their native language. And does anyone know good resources to gain more knowledge about star wars related historical and maybe archaeological/geological or environmental facts which I could use for roleplaying?


-Rryyq Qoloom-
-Explorer, Trader and Pilot-
Not to blow my own trumpt as they say, but I work for The Krath Dynasty and I set up a page to collect the various artefacts that we recovered, and paid those that brought them to us. However I have not seen any other groups actively doing anything similar, except may the odd person doing just the one item that they liked the sound of.

As for where to find such information, you could look at starwars.wikia.com and more specificalyl their artifacts page. They generally have a nice list and some background information that you can use. You can also scour their ancient history sections for more stuff.


Brassica Trefoil
Brassica Trefoil
Gand is a fine choice of race, and will allow a character with skill level 4 in prospecting and either medical treatment or r&d medical.

If you wish to play to your races strengths, you might consider something along the following lines:


General 1; Social 2; Science 3; Ground 4; Space 5

Perception 5

Medical Treatment 4 and R&D Medical 2 (Medic); or
Medical Treatment 2 and R&D Medical 4 (Biologist)

Computer Operations 4

Ground Vehicles 2 and Speeders 3

Fighter/Freighter Piloting 3

This would fit well with both the Archaeologist/Geologist and the Biologist/Medic roles, and allow you to switch between the two, should you wish to do so.

Skill run-down:

* Perception (Practical: Arrest & Execute; Role Play: Spot rare artifacts, gems, etc.)
* Medical Treatment (Practical & Role Play: Healing self and others.)
* R&D Medical (Practical: None yet; Role Play: Researching biological compounds, medicines, anti-virals/-venoms/-bacterials, DNA research... pretty much dozens of RP applications.)
* Computer Operations (Practical: Prospecting for Raw Materials; Hacking the Galactic News Service; Role Play: Interpreting biological/geological/archaeological/medical data; research; surfing for internet pr0n; etc.)
* Ground Vehicle Piloting (Practical & Role Play: Pilot the SX-65 Groundhog prospecting vehicle.)
* Speeder Piloting (Practical & Role Play: Pilot both the FK-7 Airspeeder (prospecting) and the Kettrifee Air Mover (ambulance).
* Fighter/Freighter Piloting (Practical & Role Play: Piloting the Recue-class Sprint Craft (ambulance) and the Action VI Transport (commonly used to carry 12 x Groundhogs and 12 x Airspeeders used for prospecting.)

I can tweak the concept more if you decide to go pure Archaeology/Geology and to drop Biologist/Medic role. The build above allows the versatility to switch between the roles.

Year 13 Day 4 7:06
I will definetely think about joining the Krath Dynasty, thanks Ellias Aubec. I already got a hint in that factions direction by someone else in a DM.

And thank you Brassica Trefoil! These skilling suggestions are really well thought through as it seems. And that's exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot! I think i will use the template you provided. This way I have more opportunities in game and can play him as kind of a allround scientist and Adventurer/Explorer.

I thank you both very much for your help!

It's too bad that I have to wait 2 more weeks until I can start over with my new char... already have his bio, description and avatar pic ready ;) All I need now is a starting faction

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-Rryyq Qoloom-
-Explorer, Trader and Pilot-