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Archives » Not entirely sure if this has been addressed...
Cadeus Iram
Cadeus Iram
...Or if it's a bug or if anyone else is even having this problem. But for some reason, when I go into my events and look at the 5 subheaders at the top, this is what it reads:

[0 Personal Events] :: [0 Faction Events] :: [0 Inventory Events] :: [0 Combat Events] :: [92856 Room Events]

I thought that was bizarre, so I clicked the Room Events tab, and it brings me to the page and the page is completely empty (No events at all, which is even weirder cause I know I've been in and out of the room the last few days).

Anyone know what's going on? Also, I should note I'm on my BFF by myself.

Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Room events are a little bit broken in that they show you room events for every ship of the same type, the display page has been disabled for the time in order to prevent people from using it to gain intelligence.

Not much information you could gain from it, pretty much just who owns the same type of ship you are in and that's it

It was mainly disabled because it was broken

Actually there's a good deal of information that can be gained by room events. Also, how can you say it was mainly disabled for any one reason? Is that your opinion Tiali or did you hear it from someone?

Of course it is mah opinion, based on what was said at the time (to me, the fact it was broken, would have been a very big main reason for disabling it)

Maybe ah should have said "not much important/vital information". You get what? Their name, rank and possibly any NPC's they have with them? Or do people with 'special' privs get to see other stuff like what system they are in?

Cadeus Iram
Cadeus Iram
Ahhhh, alright, thank you, that makes sense