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Year 13 Day 9 8:58
Is there anyway to kick an NPC from my ship without having to join a faction and arrest them.

The NPC was a PC that i took a trophy from but now it is stuck on my ship, i'm on the ground of a planet and i can't seem to get it off my ship no matter what i do.

Any help is appreciated!


Year 13 Day 9 15:30
Currently the only way to remove an npc is to arrest it. It shouldn't be overly hard.


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Year 13 Day 14 2:48
Gort Horth
Gort Horth
What does it mean, "took a trophy from"?


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Year 13 Day 14 4:15
Isn't the only way to take a trophy is by cutting off their ear? And don't they have to be dead to do that?