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Year 13 Day 14 16:52
Hal deals with, at a glance, 75 or 80% of the forums. Foe ones as active as ours, that's got to be quite a strain. Why not add another mod or two to spread the workload out a bit? 

I deal with as many forums as I have time and motivation for on a given day. Besides myself, there are (at a minimum) 5 other people that can moderate every forum within the Message Centre. If you don't see them moderating, it's either because they don't have the time on a given day, or because I got there first.

I am specifically assigned to 8 forums, and of those I am the sole moderator of only 2 (Suggestions isn't showing anyone else at the moment, but it should). Where there has been a need for additional moderators, they have been assigned. I'm just capable of camping the forums for lengthy amounts of time on most days (don't tell my manager!).

I get insults, I get cheap jabs being taken at me in posts... I have a thick skin, I deal with it. What I am not prepared to deal with is someone sending me a DM each time I close a thread. My moderation is not subject to approval by some arrogant, immature individual that doesn't like my phrasing. Periodic "feedback" I can handle, but two DMs in two days from two closures, after being invited to stop, was crossing the line.


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 13 Day 14 17:03
and the 2nd "feedback" was nice, i wasnt flaming you on the 2nd.... im sorry i was keeping my opionons of you to you personally, i assumed you wouldnt have wanted me throwing that dirty laundry out for the whole of combine to see....


Year 13 Day 15 2:35
Hal is our "main" moderator for most of the combine forums and has been so for as long as I can remember, but he hasn't been nor is he, the only one.

As an FYI, the reason Hal's is the only name on the Moderator list, is because he is the only one who moderates with an access level below "Helper" on the combine access list.

Among those who can/do moderate as they see fit are Admins, Asims, Helpers, and depending on the forum, Directors (not sure about the last). Assuming just the 3 categories that's still an obscene amount of people. Hal tends to be more active on the forums than the rest of us, and thus is the "head" moderator.

Goto, having read your DMs, to be put it bluntly, you were being annoying, and I too would have banned you. Why you thought it would be funny/smart to; as you yourself said "troll" someone, I'll never know, and I at least stand by Hal's decision. It's a volunteer position, and he has to put up with a lot of crap as it is, there's absolutely no reason to cause more trouble.


Year 13 Day 15 9:48
Isabela Constantinescu
Isabela Constantinescu
Mods are removed if they are found to be abusive, and mods can
be reported to the admins at any time.

- Syn

Funny you say that as not so long time ago I noticed you deleted Tiali's post with following reason: "Not sufficient IQ to post on this forum".
That makes me wonder of your definition of being abusive :)

Year 13 Day 15 9:58
That wasn't abusive, Tialis posts however often are.

Year 13 Day 15 10:55
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka
Which goes back to the whole definition of abusive.


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Year 13 Day 15 12:15
Ah have never been abusive to anyone in this game, not even to those who are constantly abusive about mah typing style (nor am ah a troll: ah will make comments when ah feel they are warranted, and rarely off-topic, and when off-topic it's still a reply to another post in the thread)

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