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Year 13 Day 14 4:03
When creating a custom item there are tick boxes for selecting the "item equippable locations". How does this work?

IE. If I only select Left Hand, will it only be equippable in the characters left hand or do I have to select both hands to get it to be held in either hand? I'm wondering if I select both is that also potentially interpreted that the item needs two hands to hold?

Could I get some clarification on that?


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Year 13 Day 15 14:33
John Avian
John Avian
You're overcomplicating it :P

The tick-boxes are as straight-forward as they could possibly be. You select the places where the item ought to be equipped. A (not detrimental, but notable) side-effect of the system in place is that you can create items that can be equipped to one hand but not the other; however, you can not create items that need two hands to hold.

Year 13 Day 15 15:14
Uh... yes you can. Both hands literally means (or it did before the system change) both hands. As they changed from left & right to primary and secondary, perhaps not. But both hands used to mean both, not either.


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Year 13 Day 16 17:03
John Avian
John Avian
There is not now, nor has there ever (to my knowledge) been, a "both hands" check box under the Custom Items Exchange.

Year 13 Day 16 17:23
Thats not what Jevon said - he said that ticking both hand boxes, makes the item a 2-handed item.


Year 13 Day 16 17:41
John Avian
John Avian
I see; I misunderstood. In any case, in my experience ticking both has meant that it can be equipped to either hand. It has been a while now since you could equip to one or the other hand, though, so I may be remembering incorrectly; and the new equipment changes really have made it a moot point.