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Year 13 Day 30 10:50
Wesley OyKi
Wesley OyKi
i am waiting for a character approval ??

wesley Ohyi

Edited By: Wesley OyKi on Year 13 Day 30 15:28
Year 13 Day 30 15:28
Wesley OyKi
Wesley OyKi
it takes long pfff

Year 13 Day 31 4:24
If you think the handle approval proces takes long, this game might not be suited for you. You will often have to wait days for your trip to finish and since people play this game all around the world, a reply to your messages might also take a day.

tl;dr: this game needs patience.

That said, there currently aren't any open handle requests so yours was either approved or declined.

Year 13 Day 31 5:01
Check you spam-can

There ya go, another Gungan has joined the game :)

Edited By: Tiali Bixa-Loca on Year 13 Day 31 6:16
Year 13 Day 41 10:27
how long does the handle approval process take

Year 13 Day 41 16:47
All handles are manually approved by a team of volunteers, so it depends on the time of day and how much time one of the team members have. I think at the moment most handles are being reviewed within 6-12 hours, although it may take up to 48 hours if it doesn't fall clearly into acceptable or unacceptable.

Ensure you are checking spam/junk mail folders.


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Year 13 Day 57 9:05
Robert Hodge
Robert Hodge
just wondering how many volunteers are there?

Year 13 Day 57 19:43
Probably a handful, but either way it shouldn't take over a day to get your handle accepted. Since I cleared out the handles this morning, it would appear that your chosen handle was not acceptable, so you will need to choose another one.


Year 13 Day 129 23:06
Berry Bedlest
Berry Bedlest
how long do i have to wait for them to accept my name?