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Year 13 Day 38 7:53
Why am I never seeing creatures? I am usually prospecting in a squad of Groundhogs on grassland or forest, both with city slabs and without. I don't see any creatures from the cockpit of my ships (at ground level) or from the cockpit of my vehicles.

I have a multi sensor pack on me as well as a some NPCs including a few with 5 in perception. I get out of my vehicles on every square as well just to see if any are around.

Is there something else I should be doing to see the creatures? Once I've spotted creatures and enter or leave an entity, would they disappear?

And finally, should I just enter and exit an entity over and over again? When do they actually spawn? When I get to the city?


Year 13 Day 38 10:13
I have found that when I enter a city for the first time that creatures normally appear and do not leave until killed or I leave the city. I have sensors eight on my ship so it makes spotting them much easier. More than likely they're around in the city (sometimes none spawn though) and you just can't see them.

Year 13 Day 41 3:00
I've had a look in a fair few grassland city slabs with a ship with 6 sensors and found none. I fly around in this ship and don't leave it as my vision range on foot is only the square I'm in. No luck yet...


Year 13 Day 41 6:59
Try exiting and then re-entering the ship.