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Archives » Problem loading or boarding ship with Squad, Party of Droids
Has someone else had problems with boarding a ship, or commanding a Squad to board ship, when using Droids?

First, a Squad of droids was made. Then they were told to board ship, but it gave an error about entity loading, etc. There definitely is cargo space for them, but if they are considered "passengers", then there would not be room.

After that they were added to party and also boarding denied.

Finally, the droids were dis-banded as they were, and then tried to re-board ship, but it then gave a different error, saying the capacity was full, and asking to if a passenger wanted to be "kicked".

At that point, a support ticket was made and sent and no further actions have been done.

Would someone have a recommendation of what to do to resolve this, or how to avoid similar "bugs/glitches" in the future? Thank you.

Note: The ship cargo is empty. There are 2 NPCs on board. The ship is a Jedi Ambassador Shuttle, and the droids were Battle Droids.


The second error message gave a link to "kick passenger", so now that was tried. It did kick one of the two NPCs that were on board, and then when "Board" was tried again, was able to successfully board the ship again. =)

On board the ship, there were 2 Battle Droids and 1 NPC. So, apparently, the Battle Droids were treated as "passengers" not as "cargo".

So, could someone please explain how to correctly or more efficiently load/un-load droids, either as "passengers" or as "cargo", and how to most easily change between the two, if that is possible?

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Bear in mind droids count as both passengers and cargo, so both need to be fine for the droids to load successfully.


You can not currently treat droids as just cargo (even though it has been asked several times over the years)

Probably get that ability/option around the same time you will be allowed to re-package drugs


Is there an "appropriate" place and way to offer a suggestion, or add support to an existing one, that would allow droids to be carried as cargo? If there is a link to such a location, it would be appreciated if it could be included as well so that others may be able to easily find the location and add more opinions or comments as well.

Thank you.

Usually it would be the aptly named "Suggestions" forum :)
But not sure if this would be a 'Restricted Topic' so best to check the list first (probably come under 'alterations to existing entity' {or somesuch nonsense} if it is a restricted topic)

Derrik Thynite
Derrik Thynite
There was talk of repackaging droids, although I don't believe that was ever implemented.