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Archives » Lost SPs and changes to race bonus SPs
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
First off, all admins do a great job and I know this is a game in development, but I also know that I won't get if I don't ask... :-)

In a recent sync (about the time NPCs got all their extra SPs I think??) the system for calculating free skill points was changed to being done on the fly based on player level and how many skill points had been assigned.

This is fine, but before that sync certain races had also had their race bonus SPs adjusted. As a consequence of the new method for calculating SPs some PCs have lost free SPs or have been levelling up and not getting free SPs (because on the new basis they had too many total SPs for their level/race.)

However, this seems a bit unfair for those of us that created before our race had their starting race bonus SPs changed. We created on a certain basis, but are now being evaluated on a different basis.

Furthermore, instead of losing race bonus SPs, we lost free SPs that we had earned from levelling up.

I know it's a game in development, and if rules change we have to live with that....

...but is there anyway to give us back our lost hard earned levelling up SPs?




If I'm remembering correctly, the reason some peoeple aren't receiving skills on level ups is due to the fact when the skills were fixed, a large number of people had more skills than they were supposed to, so when possible free points were removed, when not they have a -skill point count counting down on level ups.

Sin would know better, but I seem to recall this popping up several times in question.


I would guess that you could make a support ticket asking an ASim to look at your character and determine how many skill points you should have compared with what you do have.


Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
At the moment I believe the system is doing what it is programmed to do --- calculate free SPs 'on the fly' based on starting SPs, PC level (i.e. SPs earned through levelling up) and race bonus, minus SPs allocated to actual skills.

a large number of people had more skills than they were supposed to

- Jesfa

how many skill points you should have compared with what you do have

- Ellias Aubec

This depends on what "supposed to" and "should have" are, and that's what I'd like to check.

To be more specific, my question is really: should PC skills be evaluated on the race bonus skills given to the race when PC created, or based on the race bonus skills in current rules. (If the latter, then anyone could lose/gain SPs if the race bonus skills get tweaked in future.)

I'll put in a support ticket to get an ASIM to confirm that the race changes resulted in me losing SPs (all that's needed is confirmation that the Falleen race had its race bonus skills reduced since I created), but the outcome of the ticket does not affect the above question.

I also appreciate that people have had their races changed, so their starting race may no longer be their current race and this could have affected their SPs --- but that's another issue, as is extra SPs awarded from participation in Scenarios.