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Year 13 Day 47 16:18
How do you make your own datacard with something you want? Example: I want to make a Geonosian Starfighter, how do I make a datacard for that?

Year 13 Day 47 16:21
Unfortunately you cannot. There are already datacards in the game. Later on when Research and Development (R&D) is coded and implemented you'll be able to research new datacards. Perhaps one will be the ship you speak of, though who knows how the tech trees will work.

Year 13 Day 47 16:36
oh, ohkay, thankyou. So all the datacards we see now is everything?

Year 13 Day 47 16:39
For right now yes. Occasionally the admin team hands out a DC but only after much thought and if it's the best decision to balance the game. I do believe it will be a topic in the upcoming team meeting so we may all hear something more afterward.

Year 13 Day 47 16:46
oh,ohkay. So how do I get a datacard or something, because I want to make or get the droid tri fighter or a naboo starship and they say they are rare and have no affiliation. Could I still get the raw materials and make them?

Year 13 Day 47 17:04
There are ships that are rare or unique, of which DCs do not exist (anymore or ever did). I believe it will be possible to R&D most, if not all, of these ships later on.

Ships that you can build will have a faction affiliated. Example: YT-1300. Incom Corporation is the faction you need to contact to have the DC assigned so you can produce it. See the Production section of the rules.

Ships that you can't build will have no affiliated faction. Example: Starlight.