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Year 13 Day 47 19:55
Shuji Shizuka
Shuji Shizuka
So, something I noticed again today. When you click the "assign" button for skill points, a notice pops up that says:

I acknowledge the skills in the SWCombine are not fully defined, and will not hold the coder of this script, nor any one of the administration, liable for any mistakes I make in light of this. There will be no refunds or reassignments of skill points of skill points if definitions or skills are changed. 

Most of it is fair enough, seems pretty simple. But the last sentence, in bold, makes me question: why?

If the administration makes a change in the skill system, changing what a skill does, etc. Then why should players suddenly loose any skill points they had in that skill? That can be compared to the recent med neb change, if the administration decided to simply delete any of the old med nebs without refunding the owners...

Or even if they retain the points in that skill, but the skill no longer does what it did before.

Anyway, this dosen't really affect me, currently anyway, but i'm just curious why a change in how a skill works would be treated as such. Not to stamp my foot or anything, but that's really quite unfair if/when it is done.

Question: Why?

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Year 13 Day 47 20:43
When SOE decides to make even a minor change to its AP system, they remove all points you have assigned but you don't lose any of them (just have to re-read what the new abilities are and if you want to change from what you had {if you can remember what you had that is :P})

Year 13 Day 47 20:50
Credence Malafar
Credence Malafar
I remember when they removed the Unarmed Combat skill, everyone got their SPs returned (or at least me)

Year 13 Day 47 22:05
Its probably more a notice to cover themselves, rather than a hard and fast rule. As far as I am aware, they system autocalculates free skillpoints based on your level and how many points are assigned, so if a skill you have points in is removed, then you would automaticalyl get those points back anyway.


Year 13 Day 47 22:58
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
To add to what Elias says, I believe the system autocalculates (calculates 'on the fly') free skill points based on your level, race (since you need to take into account race bonus skills), and how many points have been assigned. If your race bonus skills get changed in 'the rules/database' (which happened to some races a year or so ago) then you can gain/lose free SPs.

Taking Shuji's analogy, this could be compared to the recent med neb change, where the administration would have changed the stats of all the old med nebs so they now had the stats of the new ships.

One way around the 'SP problem' would be at the time to have created a new race with the new race bonus skills, which would appear on rules page and be available for PCs to create with, but keep the old race in the database, and PCs who were that race would not change or lose/gain SPs. The code would remain unchanged. The old race (sub-species?) wouldn't need to be shown on the rules page (like some of the non-playing races, or the Yoda race). This would be more similar to the way the med neb stats change was handled.


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Year 13 Day 48 12:27
It's legal mumbo. As Credence pointed out, total removal or a massive change in the way a skill works will likely get those SP refunded, but there's no obligation for them to be.

Year 13 Day 53 23:51
Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson
Fun fact: It used to say pretty much that, except it clarified that "I will not hold the Combine accountable for my own stupid mistakes."

Those were the days.