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Year 13 Day 60 7:33
Jaden Black
Jaden Black
I am unsure if this is the right place, for this if not sorry.

Just wondering is anyone else having a problem where they are not getting all their CP points awarded for voting? Just wondering because I havent gotten all of my points since day 54 and because of that I didn't get the weekly bonus which adds up to a fair amount as far as CP's go.

Year 13 Day 60 7:39
There are four of the links where you actually need to enter the captcha text/code to vote. There's a note in voting section of the CP page about it. Hovering over them says "backward incentive."

Now that you mention it, I haven't received points for those since day 54 either. >_>

Year 13 Day 60 7:54
Jaden Black
Jaden Black
yeah I figured there must be at least a few others with this problem. Since I haven't seen it before, did you get your weekly bonus?

Year 13 Day 60 7:59
Ah found with one browser ah didn't get the full amount, even though entered the code, and on another browser got the full 20cps even though the page didn't load properly (would keep getting an error)

But ah haven't actually voted for a long time :(

Year 13 Day 60 8:10
I'm still receiving the weekly bonuses, of course they're not as much.

Year 13 Day 60 8:11
Jaden Black
Jaden Black
It doesn't appear to be a browser problem I use two different browsers, and it hasn't worked on either of them. But, Thanks for your input.

Hmm... Yeah I didn't even get the bonus for this week. I guess this would classify as a bug, I will wait and see what other people put first, but *Jaden Grabs his glasses to find out how to do a bug report*.

Edited By: Jaden Black on Year 13 Day 60 8:18
Year 13 Day 60 18:31
I've been getting my daily voting CPs every day - I haven't got any missing from my CP sheet.


Year 13 Day 60 18:54
Ellias, did you get the four that should be 20 CPs? All I'm getting are the 10's, and before Day 54 I was getting both.

Year 13 Day 60 20:20
Jaden Black
Jaden Black
same here I get all but the backward incentive.

Year 13 Day 60 21:46
I don't type the text in for those that require it - just too much hassle for very little reward. SO I just close those windows without doing anything there.


Year 13 Day 61 4:05
Same here, no more extra incentive points :(

Plus two or three sites don't even load properly anymore but yield points anyway.

Year 13 Day 61 7:58
Derrik Thynite
Derrik Thynite
We should ban Ellias for golden-rule breaking. :P


Year 13 Day 61 16:43
Backwards Incentives were removed. Exploitable, etc.

No more Backwards Incentives for you!


Year 13 Day 61 16:45
/me sighs

Would be cool to get a heads up when these things happen. Do we still receive 10 CPs for clicking those four links?

Year 13 Day 61 17:44
Pah, I don't know which ones are votable straight off the bat - I open them all and vote for those that just require me to click the buttons. I dislike typing for such a simple activity (especially when we can only get it once anyway) especially when they require those stupid long things that you cannot read properly and have to get a couple of goes to work.


Year 13 Day 63 22:57
Tabty Haasza
Tabty Haasza
Funny thing - you don't even have to vote to get CPs.

Just open the window and get credit. In Firefox, I open a new window and CTRL+Click them all, then close the window. Takes 20 seconds, tops.


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