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Archives » Virus problem not being dealt with.
Kyota Navic
Kyota Navic
this was on the support site. it is very sad no one will do anything. it makes me very upset that you are allowing them to infect your player base.

Tue, Nov 29 2011 17:30
every single Blvd-Media download offer is malware. literally every single one. i do virus removal in real life and i have identified every one as a virus. i even posted it in the forum where it's suppose to go but no one responded. why do you guys allow them to infect your player base? i mean i understand you guys need money to keep this game running but you could achieve that by changing the CP per dollar amount. the least you could do is not allow them to post the downloadable "offers" i mean i could literally pick a random downloadable offer and i know it will be a virus. if you respond "please link the offers here" then my response will be: all of them. i have tested all of them multiple times and everyone of them are infected. i love this game but Blvd-Media is infecting your members. 

Thu, Dec 1 2011 10:04 - Jesfa Ackmin
Please send an email to Veynom@swcombine.com , he handles all support/donation related issues and would be the one to be able to fix them. 

Wed, Dec 7 2011 8:40
well i sent him a message when you posted this but he never responded. i'm kind of disappointed. i report a serious flaw in security and nothing has been done about it. i first reported it over a month ago too. i really just don't want the userbase infected. this game is amazing and so are the Asims but i am disappointed with the lack of care for such a serious thing. i even offered a solution that would benefit everyone. i said i would happily test every downloadable offer before they got on the site. i even said i'd do it for free, meaning no real life or game profit for me. i really don't like malware, especially when it's used as a way to make money. (talking about Blvd-Media not SWC as i understand there most likely isn't any real profit going to Veynom.) please make sure something is done. thank you. and i understand this is not your fault so i'm sorry if it seems i'm upset at you because i'm not. 

Tue, Jan 31 2012 21:41 - Gorn Veynom

Like is was announced on the news last month, this has been resolved and dealt with by BLVD-media directly.

Kind regards,
Wed, Feb 1 2012 3:00
/sigh. i just checked all the downloads again and nothing changed at all.






it's really sad that nothing was done. i messaged BLVD-media personally via they're website and they said they'd deal with it but nothing was done. not only that but you guys did nothing to make sure it would be fixed. i am extreamly dissapointed with all parties involved. i exspect this from BLVD-media but i would have thought veynom would have done something.

well if you guys won't i will. 



You should write a sternly worded letter.