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Year 7 Day 59 7:27
Kyle Gitard
Kyle Gitard
I recently bought a mine, and in that mine are ten NPCs, which I can't use. The person I bought it from, said they weren't his, and said to have the admin get rid of them. Here are there Handles:

Bariss Raan

Horatio Talon

Elek Renz

Delmon Passik

Kavis Wessiri

Geoff Valorous

Sandel Calad

Aquila Zaniah

Argon Ziracch

Zeall Cynthisa

They are all the same race. There is an 11th NPC, named Vash Yovek, or something like that. Please do not remove that NPC.

Here where the mines located:

Sector: Kathol

Galactic Position: Kathol (-122, -438)

Planet Position: Ehjenla (10, 14)

City Position: Lomite City 001, Planet Ehjenla, Kathol System (0, 4)

Ground Position: (1, 3)

Thank You.

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Year 7 Day 59 9:22
Could you please use spaces ? :S


Governor Yoshi Hikaru
Governor of Pypin System
Year 7 Day 59 9:30
Same thing happened to Tai yesterday... Guessing the spaces thing is a bug.


Patriarch of House Ismay
Year 7 Day 59 10:22
Tai`to Kale
Tai`to Kale
Yep it is, it ussually happens if you hit preview and then post. At first i thought it was random so i thought reporting wouldn't be nessesary, i think i should report it now that i have figured out what causes it.

Edited By: Tai`to Kale on Year 7 Day 59 10:48
Year 7 Day 59 23:57
Fixed up the encoding, looking into fixing it.

If you gimme the mineID I can let you know who owns them, but I can't get rid of them for you.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 60 12:49
Kyle Gitard
Kyle Gitard
the IDs: 212067

and what'd you mean about the spaces?

Year 7 Day 60 18:30
Tai`to Kale
Tai`to Kale

Year 7 Day 61 0:03

Kathol Mining Corp owns the NPCs. Contact them about getting them moved.


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 65 19:26

Alright, Thanks Much

Year 7 Day 65 19:27
Kyle Gitard
Kyle Gitard
Oh, Opps. ^That was me^