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Year 7 Day 59 20:41

I joined the combine waaaaay back before the old clunky java app came out, left and then came back just in time for darkness. Left again just after I finished university and now I'm back again. Just before I went inactive a new guy who had just taken over my faction decided to play around with the new execute abilities and killed off a bunch of people...myself included.

Anyway I went in to make a new account, and then realized my old account is probably still in the database unlike the last time I came back. Only problem is I forget my password and the email I used back then, which was my univ email, may not be getting forwarded to my current address properly. Could be that the server is just being really slow sending stuff on, but I'm not entirely sure due to an email for life alias thing going on.

If that isn't the case and my old student mailbox is really dead is there any way to retrieve the account? I'm not overly attached to it since the character is dead and I didn't have that many CPs, but some CPs are better than none heh.

Year 7 Day 59 23:27
Do you remember the handle, faction, race or any other info about the account?


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 59 23:55

I remember the handle (Devlo Rohal), faction (Blazing Pulsar Exploration...no longer exists it seems), race (started out as human but I meant for him to be corellian...I think I had that corrected but I'm not sure), the email I used for the account etc. It would have been sometime in the middle of 2004 when he was executed...I went away on vacation and when I came back I didn't log in for a few weeks heh. Didn't own any ships, was just piloting one for BPE.

Can't really think of any other details about it. I've long since forgotten the actual skill levels I had set for him.

Year 7 Day 60 0:53
hmm, no account matching, or similar to, that handle. Any idea what XP level that character would have had?


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 60 9:56
No matching account because I found the irc help room and someone there fixed me up heh...thanks though :)

Year 7 Day 60 23:54
ah, good good.

Welcome back.


Kids these days!