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Year 7 Day 60 0:30
I just created a new character to replace the one who's been pushing up daisies for the last year and I've run into a problem where the system thinks I haven't made a character yet. However in the right hand menu it has the name of my new character, not the old one, and I can't see the events in the menu that occured between the time of the last char's death and today (eg GNS).

Do I need to go through the creation process all over again or would that muck things up even worse?

Handle - "Devryn Terrlo"

Year 7 Day 60 0:50
Do your skills, race etc match the ones you selected for your new character?


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 60 9:43
I can't see his skills at all. My character icon is the make a new character image, but the name below that is the name of my new character. It's like the server stopped working on my character halfway through building it heh.

Year 7 Day 60 10:37
Heh nevermind...I got bored and went through the creation process again and it worked this time :D

I'm wondering if maybe I accidentally clicked start over instead of confirm creation.

Year 7 Day 60 10:49
Xavze Zavan
Xavze Zavan
I had the same thing when I created last Monday.Had to do it twice for some reason.


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Year 7 Day 60 10:57
Well its good to hear that I'm not actually crazy :P

Year 7 Day 60 23:55
hmm, I thought we fixed that problem. Guess not =/


Kids these days!