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Year 13 Day 79 10:21
when i click on ground travel to walk amongst the takes me 16 minutes to walk from one square to the next square instead of a toatl time from pointe a to ponite b.


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Year 13 Day 79 10:24
You may have little to no points in your speed skill. No worries though, most traveling is done by starship or vehicle anyways. Save up and purchase one. :)

Year 13 Day 79 10:25
I do not understand....
But the ground travel, as I understand it, takes each square as 1 kilometer. And therefore, uses your speed, which is a set rate, upped by your speed skill, and calculates how fast you travel...


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Year 13 Day 79 17:35
If I understand what you are saying, you are saying you move for 16mins, then have to click again to get to your destination? If so, that sounds like you are just clicking the grid square next to where you are, rather than clicking on your destination - its not like some other games where you click on each square to move there, and not beyond. You select your destination wherever it is, and you move there over a period of time.


Year 13 Day 80 4:50
Ku`Bakai Roche
Ku`Bakai Roche
Make sure you are not clicking on the big screen but instead the smaller city map when picking a destination and make sure you press go. I think that might be what your doing wrong.