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Archives » Question: What race would be most benefited?
I am looking into this game and noticed it allowed people to run about and lollygagging with the troops that they own. Being my current situation(busy majority of the time in OOC to do much active work. I think this would be a rather ideal career I would want to look into and a nice possible Role playing story.

What would be the ideal race for something like this, I am wanting to create a 'Field Marshal' strictly training and also built for war. I could care for nothing else really due to my current OOC life.

If you only want to deal with "troops lollygagging on the ground" that is a good bet.
There are some restrictions such as you can never pilot a fighter, or speeder, or boat, or submarine. BUT, if you are a troop commander what do you need a fighter or speeder for anyway? You would be flying around in a Dropship or warship type of Freighter or capital ship anyway with your army.
Also would make for really interesting RP since it is not a race people pick.. ever. Currently Played By 1 of 4,241
For good reason methinks. It really does not have many benefits. just look at this next example.

http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Races&ID=20 is a race that not only is not limited to certain vehicles and ships, they also have a higher chance of being force sensitive and have a +1 HP bonus and are allowed to go on Ocean terrain

Both have a starting +2 to infantry command which I believe means you can lead 3 squads into battle already and if you put points to get it to a maximum of 5 points you could lead 6 infantry squads into battle.

You can do a search on the races page and see what race you like that has an infantry command of at least +1, because that would let you go to maximum.

Besides the fact the race I was thinking of doesn't really have that skill. But is setup to have pro's in combat styled life(but can be morphed into infantry command in time). I was more or so thinking of picking a Gamorrean as its stats are remarkable.

Besides also the fact that they can't really do anything but pilot capital ships(which i am really fine with as I wont really have time for much anyways besides logging in and idling as I work here and there.

Ideally if I was saving to up the skills in Infantry Command how many level would I need to gain before I can obtain that goal?

Also, another question. Would running about training troops(npc's) be a freelancing job most likely or would there be some groups out there who would be excited to have someone who could handle that many squads?

My goal is for a Military/Mercenary life. So I am not really interested in those hippie type factions/groups.

Would running about training troops(npc's) be a freelancing job most likely or would there be some groups out there who would be excited to have someone who could handle that many squads? 

for the moment, you couldn't withdraw much more money or contracts with sentients from military due that player vs player combat isn't implemented yet but it is announced to be implemented around upcoming september; the only forms of combat now is killing creatures or bandits npcs ( they aren't a thread for anyone as they don't attack you first).

but what you can do meanwhile is get yourself a military NPCs squads with a fast vehicle and train yourself in combat with your npcs. bring medical items 'cause creatures and bandits do attack you back so beware.

You want to be able to pilot at least freighters, because it will be a while before you can own/get a capital ship

You could easily freelance that sort of job, but I know there are factions out there that would love to have some one training troops.


Great thank you. Ill plan on spawning on as a Gam!

Really, with the number of starting skill points race doesn't matter so much. Having a race with the skills you want means you can get one of them up to level 5 (max) at the start. Otherwise you have to settle for a 4 and then wait 7 or 8 levels to have enough skill points to get it to 5.

As for a job, many factions, particularly the governments would love having someone that can handle that many NPC squads. Once you create I would suggest looking at them, seeing which one you like the sound of, request to join, and then spawn once you are accepted - its gives you the option to spawn at their HQ then shortening the time until they can get you going.