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Archives » Having Trouble with NPC Fitout
Year 13 Day 83 15:53
I've been having some issues with equipping my NPCs with weapons and other items. I click on the "No Fitout" Icon, which brings me to a screen with the NPC's fitout, and when I try to drag a weapon or other item from my inventory over into the NPC's inventory, it doesn't equip the item.

I am able to edit my own fitout with whatever is normally possible. I was wondering if I need some sort of update in order to use the NPC fitout, or is a bug that needs to be reported?

Year 13 Day 83 17:31
You are using the wrong screen - thats just for viewing what the NPC has equipped. To decide what it should equip, go to the NPC inventory page, and at the top where the filter button is, is one for Fitouts. Click that, choose a tag you have, and then click and drag the required items from the list to the appropiate place on the image. Be aware that it can take a few minutes for it to update.

Once you have a fitout, select the NPC in the party page, and use the pickup fitout option in the drop down menu. Be aware that you need the items in the room they are in or they won't pick anything up.


Year 13 Day 83 20:44
Thanks, that did the trick.