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Archives » Getting ownership of NPC market droids when they aren't on the market..
So I just had one of my faction's pilots head out to a yt-1300 I had recently bought over CPM. When the new pilot arrived he mentioned the fact that there are 3 Sentinel Droids onboard this particular 1300 and that they are owned by the NPC market. My first thoughts were that the belonged to a now deceased member, but I have no way of purchasing those droids off the Market. Is there a way I can claim them, similarly with the new "claim" button for NPC owned items (that you can get via bandit drops)?

I've been told there were bugs with the market many times, but It was always my understanding that certain assets may or may not be actually on the Combine "Market". Any help would be wonderful thanks ahead of time.


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I don't think it's possible to get ownership of NPC Droids yet. You should keep a hold of them though, as it's possible that later on a feature might be added that can allow you to "Hack" the droid's programming in order to take ownership.

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Any entities that are labelled NPC owned (bar those that drop from bandits) are usually from players that have died, and their entities are awaiting their time to be put on the market. Since the time between death and the entities going on the market is different for everything, you just have to wait.


Thanks guys, I should probably just forward all my queries to you Ellias lol