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Year 13 Day 87 15:13
So when I go started I submitted like 6 faction join requests and by the time I got logged back in, I was a member of only the very last faction that accepted me.

If at some point I tried to switch factions, would I be hunted down and killed? And if not, would I be able to get to my new faction location somehow?

I'm just wondering because I saw some factions recently that pay like four times what I'm getting just for being a recruit.


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Year 13 Day 87 15:18
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
That would depend on the douchebag level of your current faction. In most cases you should just politely tell your faction leader that you want to join another group and arrange for transportation with both of them. Being friendly works. In some cases, though, you might get yourself killed out of spite. :)

Year 13 Day 87 15:21
Wakka, it largely depends on the manner in which you leave your present faction. There is (usually) nothing wrong with changing factions. However, please know that your reputation is most important in this game. Do your research first or stick with your current faction until you know what you like so you're not constantly changing factions. When you leave a faction it's normally a good idea to be respectful and to return all of their equipment and then arrange transport from there.

Year 13 Day 87 16:06
You also have to understand that if you submit one faction join request, it usually voids all your others.


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Year 13 Day 87 19:57
If you spawned on your homeworld before joining a faction, then it should be ok, and they won't care. If you joined then spawned at their HQ, things might be a bit more difficult if you change factions if you don't tell the original faction about your intentions.