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Year 13 Day 94 2:41
Caelo Ignis
Caelo Ignis

I have some questions about Production and DC.
In the rules page it says:
"The manager must:
Be a production faction of the right type (See Production: Production Faction Types).
Have sufficient credits to pay for production."

This means that I can't produce items if I have rented the DC to a faction?

Now a silly clarification, (I know, but I need ask this...), I want to construct a X-factory station. I can rent the DC to a faction. In the rules says:
"In possession of the datacard for the station type you wish to build"
I supose that I don't need to have the DC phisically. They will assign me it and I will be able to build it.

Thanks! :)

Year 13 Day 94 4:31
Uh, doesn't sound right. When you rent a DC, it gets assigned to a factory/shipyard. You still have to have that factory/shipyard assigned to the right faction type and the operator that starts it up must be a member of that faction as normal.

As for station 'DCs', the only way to use them is to be part of the correct faction and build it for that faction. They will then generally tell you the construction cost and whatever other extras you organised with them, and after you pay they make over the station to you.


Year 13 Day 94 7:14
Caelo Ignis
Caelo Ignis
Then a freelance can't product anything? :/

Year 13 Day 94 7:15
You can, but you'd have to join another faction to do so. Many people do do that - they have a deal with the faction so they pay construction costs incured, and the faction gives them their items.


Year 13 Day 94 12:48
But you are correct - you cannot produce unless you join - however temporarily - a faction. Its a faction-based system.


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