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Year 13 Day 102 17:22
Having recently leveled (it happens so rarely) I was rather surprised to check my skill points and find them unchanged.

Is this a known bug?


Owyn Darklighter
Year 13 Day 102 21:22
Gonna have to check the bug base and see if it's been reported. You should still be receiving a point on leveling.



Year 13 Day 103 1:23
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko
This could be related to the (recent) change where free SPs are now calculated on the fly based on the current race bonus SP, starting (creation) SP allowance, and level-up SPs.

If your race had its race bonus SPs changed in a rules change then you could find yourself with more or less total SP (used and free). If the race bonus SP was reduced you would have lost some free SPs when the new calculation came into effect. If you didn't have free SPs at the time, your free SP would essentially be negative and you'd 'lose' the level-up SP when you levelled up. Depending on how much the race bonus changed, you could be levelling up again and not see the free SP increase.

I bug-based it when it happened to me, but admins say its not a bug but the way the system is supposed to work now, and applies retrospectively to your character (unlike say, the Med Neb ship stats change, where the old ships kept their original stats):

If any race in future has its race bonus changed, the changes will automatically be applied to all PCs of that race.

There are other reasons, apart from race bonus SP change, why you may have more/less SPs than the calculation/rules expects : perhaps you had your race changed or you had SPs awarded in an old scenario (e.g. as reward to act like cyborg implants). Any discrepancy between what you have and what your race is now supposed to have is being cleaned up by the calculation.

At least, this is how I understand it.


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Year 13 Day 103 5:58
That could explain it. Once upon a time, humans started out a bit better in terms of skills. I forget what it was before so I cannot really confirm whether the current totals are actually correct.

I really don't agree with the way this was done. Now I will need at least one more level to "catch up" with how the current rules work. I don't have the luxury (and in fact have chosen not to) XP whore my way through this game.


Owyn Darklighter
Year 13 Day 104 4:13

Now I will need at least one more level to "catch up" with how the current rules work. I don't have the luxury (and in fact have chosen not to) XP whore my way through this game.

The alternative would have been the removal of skills, the way it works now is that you're actually better than someone of the same level as you, and rather than remove skills or simply let you level as normal, the game will equalize itself until it's fixed.

There were several players who found this to be an issue from old scenarios when stat boosts were some rewards, others when their races changed. It's unfortunate, but correct.


Year 13 Day 104 6:05
Nice to see I get retroactively punished for choosing human lo those many years ago.

It is what it is.


Owyn Darklighter
Year 13 Day 104 7:22
\_/ < a bucket to catch tears

No one is being punished. The game evolves.. the player base should evolve with it.



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