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Archives » Are Capital Ships able to enter the atmosphere of planets?
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Technically, any ship can land (that cantina-ship in Mos Eisley {the one owned by Lady Valarian} landed) just not all ships can take off again (or be in much of a serviceable condition) after

Some big ships could be built on a planet, Ludyenka was built inside Coruscant (find it more logical that it was secretly built where it was than have it land and then have all those buildings built on top of it and no one notice)

What? Only the 'cool' kids can make smartass comments?

Wouldn't have done me much good looking that up as ah got the name wrong

What? Only the 'cool' kids can make smartass comments?

- Tiali Bixa-Loca

No, but you have to know what you're talking about in order to make one. Unlike someone here...

In this instance, ah do: any ship can 'land', same as any plane can land on the water, just only specially designed ships/planes can either survive the landing or take off again

Any ship could be built on land, just the requirements needed to get them into space makes it not worth the time (either they are equiped with huge-ass propulsion uints that would pretty much destroy the planet or have to be equiped with huge-ass anti-grav cradles to lift it up, all of that time and resource could be better spent building an additional ship or 2 in space)

X-wing: The Bacta War is actually one of the few Star Wars books ah have, but haven't read it (and actually forgotten ah had it) for over 10 years (not sure if ah got it new or shortly after getting, but stopped reading novels in the late 90's)

If something doesn't "survive" a landing, it's not a landing but a crash. Thus, not all ships can land.

more than once >_>


A 'crash' landing is still technically a landing

Well, how about adding a chance that you crash land your ship when ascending/descending. Destroying anything in it?

Wasn't asking or suggestion a change, just pointing out that, technically, all ships can land, just not all are designed to land and those that aren't that do tend to not be in perfect flying condition afterwards (at least not without extensive repairs)

Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Taili a "Crash Landing" is an emergency landing in which a normal landing is not possible, so a ship that cannot land in the first place cant crash land it would be categorized as a crash (because the ship would be colliding with the ground)


It wasn't specifically directed at you Tiali. I like the idea of having the possibility to crash when moving on a planet. Depending on Ship Size and Piloting Skill maybe ?

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*Super Star Destroyer Crashes into my house*
Son of a %$!!!

Tiali your definition of landing is not accurate. Technically, all ships can either HIT land, or crash. Neither of those is landing.
Much the same way if your drive your car into a lake you are not technically sailing

Depends on if they are on the surface of the lake or under it Arch, and ah was not getting into details about all types of landings (it was just an off-the-cuff/tongue-in-cheek comment anyway)

No, it doesnt depend on over or under. Driving onto a lake is still not sailing. Crashing is crashing.

Actually, if you are on the lake, in anything, and have something/anything to catch the wind to move you, you are sailing!!!

Crash landing is still landing

Maybe Tiala should just stop trying to explain, and should get over the fact a crash is uncontrolled descent, while a landing is controlled descent.

According to Tiali,

Let's further implement landing code, so all ships can land.
BUT, add probability of crashing and give ship damage?



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1. /facepalm
2. Not the suggestions forum.

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