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Year 13 Day 114 17:35
Hello. I docked to one of my factions shipyards and now I cannot exit from the docking bay room. It's like my ship is gone or has been stolen. What can I do if anything?


Bronko "The Marauder" Merwill
Year 13 Day 115 0:24
Do you mean you exited your ship and now it isn't there for you to board anymore? Or are you not able to leave your ship into the station?

Year 13 Day 115 2:38
Hmm, taking your saying of docking bay to mean docking port (this is the entrance room for stations) since you docked your ship it would no longer be outside for you to enter in this fashion. You will need to find the docking bay proper and use enter/exit there.


Year 13 Day 116 15:52
I figured it out. I did not realize that I needed to go up the stairs. Sorry to waste your time with something so dumb. Thanks for your replies though.


Bronko "The Marauder" Merwill
Year 13 Day 136 10:54
I'm stucked in a ship, cant access my cockpit, somewhere, without any idea where i actually am.. Can someone teleport me?? To my planet maybe.. Or give me acces to my ship.. (i havent played for a long time and i just recently want to start again..)


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Year 13 Day 137 9:03
First, dont hijack other people's topics. Second, no one is going to help you, you're going to have to find and contact the owner through IC means to get control of the ship or get transported off. Or you can drop your character and recreate in 3 weeks.