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Year 13 Day 114 17:55

So I have a question. I used to play this a couple of years ago. Time has passed and I no longer remember my password and my email is now defunct. I would like to resurrect my character or at least my profile. How do I go about doing this? I remember my handle, will that help?

Year 13 Day 114 18:03
R`dall Gr`ves
R`dall Gr`ves

Use your old handle and also include your defunct email in the message to verify.


Year 13 Day 114 19:53
If your character was level 1 and you didn't log in for 9 months your account would have been deleted.

Year 13 Day 136 11:02
I'm an old player and i'm looking to return. Now, i'm currently stucked in a ship, cant access my cockpit, somewhere, without any idea where i actually am.. Can someone teleport me?? To my planet maybe.. Or give me acces to my ship.. (i havent played for a long time and i just recently want to start again..)


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Year 13 Day 137 11:57
Stop hijacking threads, please.


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