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Year 13 Day 125 11:16
Xark Jephego
Xark Jephego
Im at my barrack's and trying to purchase NPC's everytime I purchase them it goes through but then once I click to go see the NPC there is know one there. Its not charaging me the money or giving me and event log that I bought them either. Its just not letting me buy them at all and there is 991 hireable population where im at so its not that.

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Year 13 Day 125 17:43
Try filing a bug ticket or seeing if there are already any bugs reported that are similar


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Year 13 Day 125 18:20
Are you trying to hire more than 12? There is a bug listing that (on a trade 2 station it must be said) that trying to hire more than 12 refuses to let them be bought, saying your party is full. Try with less, and it should work.


Year 13 Day 134 7:16
Ven Ann
Ven Ann
Huh... I hire people for my government... you suggest that I hire 1000 npcs by hiring 12 or less at a time? You got to be kidding!?

Can someone fix this stupid bug? I don't feel like clicking 20000 times to hire npcs.


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Year 13 Day 134 7:43
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
I'm sure they'll sync that much faster now that you've given your valuable input.

The stupid bug has already been fixed on dev, either wait for a sync or go click 20000 times to hire npcs for your government 12 at a time. I'm not kidding.

Year 13 Day 142 5:58
I cant even hire 10 npc's as it says my party is full. I only have one member in my party. Looks at Wookiee " have you been drinking again?" "Cos the error message says your full!"
If this is supposed to be fixed and waiting for next sync, how long is it now between Syncs?


I think there's a Bug in the System!!!
Year 13 Day 142 10:01
It's fixed on Dev. There was a bug which added your members exponentially to your party. It get's synced as soon as Sin has time to run the checks and finally syncs.

Year 13 Day 142 23:58
awesome! thanks for the help!

Okay tried to hire at trading 2 and got the "Your party is full, you cannot add another member." error message still.
there were npc's available to hire. seems it isn't fixed for some people!

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I think there's a Bug in the System!!!
Year 13 Day 143 2:55
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
Teyacapan Quetzalxochitl
..yes. You're not playing on the dev server, after all.

Year 13 Day 143 4:07
I mentioned this because a colleague was able to hire npc's from said station half an hour prior to my latest attempt.
I obviously, mistakenly thought it was fixed. Thus why I edited my previous post.


I think there's a Bug in the System!!!
Year 13 Day 262 6:59
ok i am new to this and i wanna purchase a NPC, where can i purchase one at??


Year 13 Day 262 7:11
Have a look at the Rules.