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Year 13 Day 129 14:05
I am stuck on a planet with a shield generator, so my pilot cannot reach me to take me to my ship. Can I get a teleport to any other planet that doesn't have a shield generator, perhaps my homeworld Trandosha?
Thank you

Year 13 Day 129 14:58
DM Sent


Year 13 Day 136 10:53
I'm stucked in a ship, cant access my cockpit, somewhere, without any idea where i actually am.. Can someone teleport me?? To my planet maybe.. Or give me acces to my ship.. (i havent played for a long time and i just recently want to start again..)


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Year 13 Day 142 15:28
I am also stuck in a planet. Shield prevents me to ascend. I am a new player, but I've been assigned as a pilot in a ship. Who can authorize me to travel?

Year 13 Day 142 15:45
Your best bet is to look at the planet info in rules page and check what faction control it, usually there might be a Governor or Magistrate too, then you can send a message for access to that person or look at the faction's website and they should have some info who to contact about it.


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Year 13 Day 142 16:14
No, there is not a governor or magistrate. I wrote yesterday to a government faction member, but he didn't answer.

Must I try to write again or it's not a good idea?

Year 13 Day 142 16:43
Is it a homeworld? If so, can you use the NPC Transport feature to travel to another world which might let you leave the surface?

Year 13 Day 142 17:38
Sending a message to a random member of the faction that controls the planet isn't usually a good idea. Its entirely possible you sent a message to an inactive person, or just someone who has joined recently and has no idea whats going on. Best bet is to send a message to the faction leader.