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Year 13 Day 131 12:26
Nat Dues
Nat Dues
I noticed that my personally owned Sentry droids generate combat events when somebody enters or exits the room. I was wondering where faction owned Sentry Droids send their events? Faction events? or do they still appear as combat events for someone with particular privs?

Just looking to clarify. Thanks. :)

Year 13 Day 132 1:11
Eshaar Gnor
Eshaar Gnor
I believe that they appear as combat events for those with the appropriate privs within a faction or to whomever is the droids commander. But it is possible that my memory is faded, it has been a while.

Year 13 Day 212 23:48
Nat Dues
Nat Dues
I noticed that sentry droid events for faction owned droids do appear in the faction events. They appear as type 'combat'. Could an administrator or developer please clarify which privilege level grants access to see these events? It would make sense that something like the 'assign droids' priv would allow members to see these, but you never know.

Thanks. :)

Year 13 Day 213 11:09
Nat Dues
Nat Dues
I heard from a member who has no privs in the faction whatsoever that they can view sentry droid information in the faction events. So I guess they are not tied to a priv at all? If so, are there plans to change this as is certainly seems exploitable.