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Year 13 Day 132 11:18
Coho`orcwa Rhworar`cworc
Coho`orcwa Rhworar`cworc
So, I received a message the other day from a member of the Join Team stating that someone had tried to use my surname in their handle. They then asked if I wanted them to permit it, or decline it. I told them that I didn't want another person using my surname, and to please decline it.

I then go to sleep. All is good.

I woke up this morning with a message in my inbox from Sal`Addik Rhworar`cworc.

There are two people in my family. Akwow`hahc Rhworar`cworc and Coho`orcwa Rhworar`cworc. Not only has this Sal`Addik person used my surname without my permission, he/she has also screwed up our strict family RP element.

My question to the administration is this: Is it possible to have his/her name changed, or do I just need to find/kill this imposter?

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Year 13 Day 132 13:46
I might add that some serious accountability is needed on the part of SWC administration in this area. Specifically the join team who has been failing miserably in their duties.

Year 13 Day 132 17:44
I think it may of been me that accepted that - I didn't recognise it as a family name. You could ask an ASim to talk with that person and see if they would willingly swap the name, but if not, you are out of luck.

Seems there is even more need for my family name suggestion than I thought.


Year 13 Day 132 18:17
Or maybe use the tools that are available? There's an idea (search profiles). Ellias, are you not the one who also approved a handle (recently) of a very well known American general? I have seen the accept handle screen, I know there is a wiki and Google button beside each request. Is it laziness or incompetency? And why has nothing been done by SWC administration?

Year 13 Day 132 18:52
There has indeed been a trend of failures on the part of the join team. In the coming days i'll be taking quite a few people off the team after it's been shown on several occasions that they have either been too lazy to filter through our search icons with each handle, or have downright been incompetent. But I won't presume on either side. The point is that there have been failings and we're working to correct it.

Coho - i'll contact the Sal'Addik person and see if they'd be willing to change their surname.


Russ> This is an ok game with terrible people.
Year 13 Day 132 19:18
Can you join the team

Year 13 Day 132 19:21
Once again, Mikel is prophetic.

Year 13 Day 132 21:55
Maybe add a Wookieepedia link? I try to always do a Combine search prior to accepting. In every case the handle is either accepted/declined before I can get back to it (usually after contacting head of family and getting a no). Saw a Kaine go thru other day as well.

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Year 13 Day 132 22:38
A prophetic as a blind unicorn :P

Year 13 Day 133 8:21
Addressed. And locked before it devolves.