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Archives » Would like to change my handle
Year 7 Day 68 14:14
I came into the game having watched the movies only once and not having a great background on the SW world. Because of that I would like to change my name to a name more suitable for a Falleen, let me know if that is possible.

Year 7 Day 68 22:49
selatos@swcombine.com deals with handle changes. Handles can only be changed if they meet the following conditions:

1. If handle is not a name (example: _avatar_ or Nephets)
2. If handle does not have a last name (example: Quaxo or Anti-Tarkin)
3. If handle does not start with a capital letter (example: falcon)
4. If handle is the players real life name or the last name of the handle is your real last name (example: Alex Smith)
5. If handle is an improper name (contains titles, numbers or other abnormalities)(example: Lady Dyvel or Count Uebles)


Kids these days!
Year 7 Day 69 15:05
It is based loosely on my real name, and works in many RPG games, just not really appropriate for this game, if not able to do it no big deal.