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Archives » A question regarding "my prisoner"
Nah Olos
Nah Olos
I have arrested someone. Prior to doing so, I scan them and see that they have nothing spectacular on them... a vest, a knife, a small backpack and an electronic lock breaker...

Once I slap the cuffs on, the lock breaker and the knife both drop (I'm assuming that's to make way for the cuff that are on their hands now)... but the vest and the small backpack are still on him.

Shouldn't I be able to grab that backpack off them and that vest, if for some reason I wanted it? I remember I used to be able to.

So I thought that since it said "fitout" I could just go to my party screen, and have them drop all, but that appears to be a function to use on NPCs only.

Is this just how the game works now?

Also, when I execute someone now, what happens to the ships and what not that they owned, since the market's out of commish? Do they become NPC entities?

I tried scanning the rules for it, but I just didn't see what I was looking for. If someone could either tell me, or point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you.


For some reason, they changed it so that when you are arrested you only drop things in your hands, not everything like it used to. I believe they only drop everything when you execute them, which makes no sense at all.

As for their stuff, still goes to the NPC market I believe. I think it was disabled while they try something new.


Nah Olos
Nah Olos
Always quick on the replies Ellias, thank you.

Alright, let me see what I want to do here with this guy I've got... not sure I want to execute just yet, to see what's in that backpack.

(hate wanton murder) :)

Thanks again.


Wasn't it always like that? That they only dropped stuff in hands, I never had my character or anyone else drop anything beside what they held when moving from ship or ship in cuffs or something. Only time I saw all stuff on the ground was when killed/dropped NPC. This is like 2 years back.

And you can now scan PCs again?


Lilith - Star Wars Story

if you want to get them to drop everything throw them in a bacta tank. you cant have nothing equiped in any slot, so when you throw them in the tank it automaticly makes you drop all.



Nah Olos
Nah Olos
Lillith, no, it hasn't always been like that. Prior to a change (however long ago), you could arrest someone and remove all of their items from them. No longer the same.

Hondo, I appreciate the suggestion and definitely, if I was truly curious I might just do that, but I don't think we should have to waste bacta to do it.

I'm wondering if there's enough call for this to submit it to "suggestions"... the ability to "drop all" when clicking on a prisoner, through the fitout screen.


I find that hard to believe and think you might be misremembering, because I was the one who fixed the function to drop items on arrest and I'm pretty sure the function there was the emptyHands one, or wherever it's called.

Regardless, if you want all their stuff just throw them in a bacta tank.

Nah Olos
Nah Olos
If you're referring to my last post, I don't think I am misremembering.

Years ago, I used to play a game with the people in my faction, where I would arrest them, and then drop all their items on the ground and take a picture of it...

(it was a learning game, where I was teaching them to never leave yourself in a position to be arrested)...

Anyway, the option "use" to be there, and I think it was called "empty", but it wasn't something specific to just hands.

I'll make the suggestion on the proper forum. In my opinion, you shouldn't have to heal (or kill) your prisoner to liberate them of their valuables.

Thanks for taking the time to reply guys.

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It makes sense you can't take their chest slot, beyond that, I dunno. If I'm wearing armor, and you put cuffs on me, you can't take the armor off without releasing me for a moment. The other slots, who knows.


Brand Malden
Brand Malden
You could with 2 sets of cuffs. Simply cuff one of their hands to something immobile(like a pipe or grate on a ship), then release their other hand so as to get the armor half off. Then cuff the free hand to something immobile and and uncuff the other one and remove the armor.

Edit: I think I just solved a puzzle like 'how does the farmer get the dog, chicken and grain across the river in a boat only big enough for 2'.. do I win a prize? :)

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Most armour is attached with straps, just cut the straps and you then just have to find someone to repair/replace the cut straps