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Year 13 Day 148 19:39
Rho Karn
Rho Karn
I just found a easter egg and wondering if there is a use for it or if it is just useless art?


Year 13 Day 148 20:15
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
They did have a use at one time. Now they are just useless


Year 13 Day 148 20:44
They're not completely useless.

If you buy a portable Fusion Generator, you can make scrambled Easter Eggs.

If you add in the optional Bacta Refill package, you can make boiled Easter Eggs.

And if you can find that ultra-rare Mandalorian Coated Frying Pan, you can make a Mando Omelet.

Best served with a side of Ewok back bacon, of course.



Year 13 Day 149 6:45
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
You know if I was a kid and got a raw easter egg I would be pissed


Year 13 Day 149 8:38
Depends on if it's raw chocolate or a raw life-form incubation-chamber (or spaceship from Ork)

Year 13 Day 149 15:59
Rho, the Easter eggs were a planned feature that was never finished. They are weightless and take up no space, so you can do pretty much whatever you want with them at the moment.

Year 13 Day 149 22:56
Rho, you can also sell them on the Ceterpoint Marketplace. There are still collectors, and although you won't make much money off them, they're a good way to begin your trading career.



Year 13 Day 163 19:33
They are cute !!!

So any for sale ??


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Year 13 Day 163 23:00
This is not a trading forum.