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Archives » Help educate Taalon on stocks please!!!
I understand the bit in the help files regarding stocks pertaining to ownership percentage of a faction.

What I'd like to know is what type of information access do you get from owning a share of stock in a given faction...

So you get 'view' privaleges of all the faction's assets/capital? Can you see the faction's facilities, RM, credit total, member information, etc?

I was unable to find that detailed information in the help files... unless I missed something...

-Taalon Darksky

Gurthok Okarlis
Gurthok Okarlis
No. you get only this info(example used: Zaltin):

Leader: Krysanyia Ikron
2nd in command: Chon Largo
Initial value: 50,000,000
Current value: 82,458,953
In danger of bankruptcy? No
Total number of members: 21
Initial number of active members: 12
Current number of active members: 7
In danger of dissolution as result of inactivity? No
Stocks issued: 1,000,181
Owners: Stock owners

Government Check:

Condition | Result | Current Value | Required Value
Number of planets under control | NOT OK | 0 | 3
Number of systems under control | NOT OK | 0 | 1
Total population under control | NOT OK | 0 inhabitants | 100,000,000 inhabitants
Number of active members | NOT OK | 7 | 30
Current capital | NOT OK | 82,458,953 credits | 500,000,000 credits
Faction stocks currently owned | NOT OK | 1 % | 95 %
Faction assets currently protected OK | 56 % | 30 %

If you are thinking of buying stocks, you may want to take a look in the Trader's Lounge of the RPG Centre - Keir has compiled a nice list of that information from the stocks of many factions.