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Archives » Plz HELP!!!! How do you select a starting location?!?!

I have made my character, asked to join a faction, but i do not know how to select a starting location.

I have cliked onto "select a starting location" and you get a page where it says you have not chosen a starting location, blah blah blah, it will be easier to start at the home world of your facting or something like that.

Well i'am guessing you click on "travel" so... I do then the page loads, and nothing changes iam guessing that there should be a map or something in the box below, but there is not!

Is it a bug? Or have i done something wrong? Someone please help?

hmm you're posting logged out, that may be part of it.

It should automatically show you the list of starting locations when you loading the Position page.

What's your handle?


Kids these days!
Nathan Onasi
Nathan Onasi
My handle is: Nathan Onasi

I forgot to log in when i created this thread.

hmm, worked fine when I logged in as you.

Go here and scroll down a bit to the frame, four or five facilities should appear there. You don't need to click anything.

According to your account you're using Firefox, is that correct?


Kids these days!
Nathan Onasi
Nathan Onasi
Sorry for nto replying earlier, but my internet has been down. Where you say "Click here" it does not go any where, there is no link.

And i'am not sure if i'am using fire fox, i believe that i am using Internet Explorer 6.0

hmm go to the 'Help' button at the top of your browser then select 'About'. What does it say?

The link should have been http://www.swcombine.com/members/character/position/


Kids these days!