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Archives » Sending DMs to Email + Darkness
Year 13 Day 163 10:38
Luther Nightwish
Luther Nightwish
I'm trying to set it up so DMs go to my email.

In Account Settings, there is the option "Messages are currently sent to:"

I have selected Both (Darkness, and Email), but Messages are still only sent to Darkness and not my registered Email. I have avoided selecting just "Email" firstly because I want them to go into Darkness as well, but also because i'm worried that the feature will still not work, and I will miss DMs.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Year 13 Day 163 10:50
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
Mine is currently set as Both and has been sending messages to my inbox while leaving them as a DM also fine for years. If yours doesnt work then you may need to look at if SWC somehow doesnt accept your email address as valid and bug it.

Edit: Oh and check your junk/spam folders too.

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Year 13 Day 163 10:51
Ordinii Gotha
Ordinii Gotha
There was a simnews recently explaining that they have turned the feature off due to complaints about spam :/


Disabling automated forward from DM to email (Posted by Veynom on Year 13 Day 153)
Today we had to disable the automated forward of DM (Darkness Messages) to your email because we suddenly have been considered as spam by Microsoft Hotmail and Live and our host threathened us to close our services hic et nunc. We will study the possibilities to re-enable that feature in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

- simnews

Edited By: Ordinii Gotha on Year 13 Day 163 10:54
Year 13 Day 163 10:53
Luther Nightwish
Luther Nightwish
Ah, so there was. Thanks Ordinii, must've missed that one.

Although it's strange that you still get mails forwarded, Kar'la, if the system is disabled.

Ah well, thanks!

Year 13 Day 163 11:01
Ka`rla Leakey
Ka`rla Leakey
last one i received was at 3.08pm today, 4 hours ago so cant be totally disabled.

Edit Maybe its just hotmail and Live accounts which got blocked?

Edit again: Seems i am receiving copies of my dm responses I send only by email and not ones I receive from others

Edited By: Ka`rla Leakey on Year 13 Day 163 11:06
Year 13 Day 163 11:21
Ordinii Gotha
Ordinii Gotha
Edit again: Seems i am receiving copies of my dm responses I send only by email and not ones I receive from others 

This seems to be the case for me too, just checked. I use gmail.

Year 13 Day 163 11:24
Good catch, you two! I just sent a bug report regarding to this. Technically, the feature should've been fully disabled... looks like it isn't totally the case.

Year 13 Day 163 17:28
Apparently DMs you receive aren't emailed, but ones you send are for some reason. I believe it was already bug based.

Guest, (I know who you are) you've been permabanned - whats the point in hanging around a game that you won't play again, and making bug reports about it?


Year 13 Day 163 23:03
She's testing on dev. I guess that's fun in some ways?

Year 13 Day 163 23:57
Holding on to the hope that the ban will be lifted. Good luck with that.



Year 13 Day 164 8:34
Yes, testing on Dev and helping out with bug reports, which in themselves are important and she's doing a great job at it. So long as her answers here are useful and relevant then I don't see the point in aiming all that much criticism. So long as while she's here she's helping then so be it.


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